Table 2:

Brain morphometry analysis according to the iCL status

Structures, Median, and (25th, 75th Percentile)iCL-Negative Subgroup (n = 16)iCL-Positive Subgroup (n = 55)P Value
Median of ICV (mL) (25th, 75th percentile)1374.49 (1282.47–1482.68)1343.47 (1260.50–1432.01).53
Subcortical gray matter volume (median) % ICV (25th, 75th percentile)4.36 (3.93–4.42)4.01 (3.75–4.23).02a
Thalamus volume (median) % ICV (25th, 75th percentile)1.03 (0.99–1.097)0.99 (0.93–1.09).22
Caudate volume (median) % ICV (25th, 75th percentile)0.56 (0.48–0.598)0.49 (0.46–0.55).03a
Putamen volume (median) % ICV (25th, 75th percentile)0.81 (0.75–0.88)0.74 (0.68–0.82).02a
Pallidum volume (median) % ICV (25th, 75th percentile)0.23 (0.20–0.25)0.20 (0.17–0.22).005a
Volume of WML (median) % ICV (25th, 75th percentile)0.39 (0.16–0.57)0.65 (0.31–1.34).01a
iCL lesions volume (median) % ICV (25th, 75th percentile)0.008 (0.004–0.02)
  • a Significant difference.