Table 3:

Different branches of the MMA with their respective anastomosis

MMA BranchesOrigin from the MMATerritory (Dural and Neural)Possible Anastomosis
Petrosal branchForamen spinosumTrigeminal ganglion and nerves; posteromedial floor of the middle fossa; insertion of tentorium (medial half); superior petrosal sinusAscending pharyngeal artery (carotid branch); medial and lateral tentorial arteries (ICA)
Superior tympanic arteryPetrosal branchGreater superficial petrosal nerve; geniculate ganglion; tympanic cavity (superior part)Inferior tympanic artery (ascending pharyngeal artery); caroticotympanic artery (ICA); anterior tympanic artery (IMA); stylomastoid artery (posterior auricular artery)
Cavernous branchPetrosal branchLateral wall of the cavernous sinus Accessory meningeal artery; inferolateral trunk (ICA)
Anterior division or frontal branchPterional regionFrontal and anterior parietal convexity; superior sagittal sinus; anterior and middle fossa (lateral part)Anterior and posterior ethmoidal arteries (OA); contralateral MMA
Falcine arteriesAnterior and posterior divisionFalx cerebriAnterior falcine artery (OA); anterior cerebral artery; posterior meningeal artery (vertebral artery)
Medial branch or sphenoidal branchAnterior divisionLesser sphenoid wing; superior orbital fissure; peri-orbital (lateral)Recurrent meningeal branches (OA); inferolateral trunk (ICA)
Petrosquamosal branchPosterior divisionPosterolateral floor of the middle fossa; insertion of tentorium (lateral half); superior petrosal sinus; transverse and sigmoid sinuses; dura of the posterior fossa (superior part)Ascending pharyngeal artery (jugular branch); lateral tentorial artery (ICA); occipital artery (mastoid branch)
Parieto-occipital branchPosterior divisionTemporosquamous dura; parieto-occipital convexity; superior sagittal sinusPosterior meningeal artery (vertebral artery)