Table 1:

Clinical information of the enrolled patients with gliomaa

6-Month Follow-UpPatients (n = 32)P Value
Treatment-Related Change (n = 20)Tumor Progression (n =12)
WHO grade.71
 Grade II32
 Grade III62
 Grade IV118
No. of male patients12 (60%)6 (50%).59
Age (yr)61.5 (36–70)59.5 (21–69).71
Surgical extent (%).46
 Biopsy or partial resection147
 Gross total resection65
Postoperative standard radiation therapy or concurrent chemoradiation therapy1911.55
  • a Data are expressed as the median and range for continuous variables. The χ2 test was used to test for differences in categoric variables between the 6-month stable and tumor-progression groups.