Table 1:

Demographics and clinical information

SubjectDiagnosisStatusAge (yr)Sex
COVID-ACOVID-19-related multifocal necrotizing leukoencephalopathyICU and intubated63M
COVID-BCOVID-19-related recent PEA cardiac arrest, without clear leukoencephalopathyICU and intubated53M
COVID-CCOVID-19 without clear leukoencephalopathy or recent severe hypoxiaNeurology ward and not intubated72M
DPLNon-COVID-19 delayed posthypoxic/toxic leukoencephalopathyNeurology ward and not intubated44F
SAENon-COVID-19 presumed sepsis-associated encephalopathyICU and mechanical ventilation via tracheostomy55F
ControlHealthy volunteer65M
  • Note:—ICU indicates intensive care unit.