Table 3:

List of prenatal and postnatal imaging diagnoses in cases of disagreement

GA (wk)Prenatal DiagnosisPostnatal Diagnosis
24Macrocephaly with moderate asymmetric VMHealthy
22Vermis and cerebellum slightly small for GAHealthy
27Moderate VM (Fig 2A)Mild VM and 3 subependymal heterotopias
20Mild VM and moderate pericardial effusionCystic encephalomalacia
24Mild VM (Fig 2B)Microcephaly with severe VM
24Flattening of inferior surface of cerebellum (Fig 2C)Extensive lissencephaly with band heterotropia
19Twin A, healthyCongenital CMV
19Twin B, healthyCongenital CMV
  • Note:—CMV indicates cytomegalovirus.