Table 2:

Take-home points for new staff and unique-versus-generic aspects of stroke care in the neuroangiography suite

Most Important Teaching Points (Take-Home Points) for New Team MembersUnique Characteristics of the Neuroangiography Suite Environment (Not Ideal Tasks for New Team Members)Generic Aspects of the Neuroangiography Suite Environment That Are Similar to Those in Other Medical Areas (Appropriate Initial Tasks for New Team Members)
Radiation awarenessHandling the groin puncture/access siteBlood pressure control,1 hemodynamic monitoring
Boundaries between sterile vs nonsterile environmentHandling of catheters and devicesManagement of IV lines
Location of key emergency drugs and equipment (epinephrine, oxygen, intubation kit), key/safe combinations in case some drugs (eg, opiates) are stored in a safeNavigating the angiography machineClinical monitoring of the patient during the procedure
Phone numbers and schedule of neurointerventionalists, anesthesiologists, techs, and nurses on callImage reconstruction and labelingDocumentation of patient status