Table 2:

The characteristics of intracranial plaque among NDM, DMGGC, and DMPGC groupsa

NDM Group (n = 172)DMGGC Group (n = 55)DMPGC Group (n = 84)χ2P Value
Plaque length (mm)4.90 (3.43–7.58)b6.10 (3.70–8.00)6.45 (4.63–10.95)b19.086<.001
Plaque thickness (mm)1.40 (1.10–2.18)b1.60 (1.20–2.20)1.80 (1.40–2.38)b10.043.005
Lumen stenosis (%)38.52 (16.67–72.67)b54.83 (39.29–72.41)66.67 (34.47–80.15)b17.757<.001
Strong enhancement (No.) (%)109 (63.37)40 (72.73)1.617.203
109 (63.37)b78 (92.86)b24.921<.001
40 (72.73)b78 (92.86)b10.501.001
  • Note:—DMGGC indicates T2DM with good glycemic control; DMPGC, T2DM with poor glycemic control.

  • a Continuous variables with non-normal distribution are presented as median (25th–75th percentiles); categoric variables are presented as (No.) (%).

  • b P value < .05.