Table 1:

Demographic information for participants with vestibular implants

ParticipantsDate ImplantedDate ImagedAge (yr),a SexImaging ProtocolImplant SideReference Location
112 Aug 2016Sep 201662, MMSCTLeftCC
24 Nov 2016Nov 201657, MMSCTLeftCC
33 Feb 2017Feb 201763, FFPCT, HR modeLeftCC
415 Dec 2017Jan 201862, FFPCT, FF modeLeftCC
524 Aug 2018Sep 201851, FFPCT, HR modeRightCC
631 Aug 2018Sep 201866, FFPCT, FF modeRightCC
714 Jan 2019Feb 201953, FFPCT, HR modeLeftCC
813 Sep 2019Oct 201955, MFPCT, HR modeRightSP
  • Note:—CC indicates common crus of the implanted labyrinth; SP, in a subperiosteal pocket outside the temporal bone; Aug, August; Jan, January; Sep, September; Dec, December; Feb, February; Nov, November.

  • a Age in years at time of implantation.