Table 1:

Patient demographicsa

TotalCompletely RecoveredIncompletely RecoveredP Value
No. of patients20119NA
Sex (female/total)5/202/113/9.62
Age (yr)48 (36–55)44 (35–48)55 (51–63).028
Time since the completion of RT (yr)10.5 (5–20)12 (7–20)8 (5–14).62
Period of follow-up (mo)8.5 (1–18)1 (1–2)18 (10–22).002
Surgical resection15/208/117/91
Concurrent chemotherapy at the first diagnosis16/209/117/91
Episode of migraine at the diagnosis12/208/114/9.36
Steroid treatment11/203/118/9.01
Antiepileptic or antimigraine drugs12/207/115/91
Antiangiogenic drug1/201/110/91
Recurrent episode of SMART syndrome11/206/115/91
  • Note:—RT indicates radiation therapy; NA, not applicable.

  • a Values were described as median (interquartile range).