Table 4:

Performance of multivariable logistic regression models without and with CTP lesion volumes in predicting good outcome at 90 days in patients with near-complete recanalization

ModelPseudo-R2BICAICAUC (95% CI)
Baseline variables onlya0.302203.6174.50.766 (0.718–0.813)
Baseline variables + CBF <20% volume0.336201.1168.90.782 (0.735–0.829)
Baseline variables + CBF <30% volume0.357196.4164.20.785 (0.739–0.831)
Baseline variables + CBF <34% volume0.359196.0163.80.784 (0.738–0.830)
Baseline variables + CBF <38% volume0.359195.8163.60.781 (0.735–0.828)
Baseline variables + CBV <34% volume0.343199.5167.20.778 (0.731–0.824)
Baseline variables + CBV <38% volume0.346198.8166.50.779 (0.732–0.825)
Baseline variables + CBV <42% volume0.349198.1165.90.779 (0.732–0.825)
  • Note:—AIC indicates Akaike information criterion; BIC, Bayesian information criterion; AUC, area under the curve; Pseudo-R2, pseudo-R squared.

  • a Baseline variables were prespecified and included age (in years), sex, NIHSS, treatment allocation (nerinetide versus placebo), alteplase treatment, baseline ASPECTS, collateral score (poor versus moderate versus good), and time from onset to CT imaging.