Summary of patients treated with neuroform assisted coilinga

Patient No.AgeAneurysm locationSizes (Dome/Neck) (mm)StatusStent sizeBalloon protectionResultF/U time (Month)F/U resultAdverse events and notes
146Basilar tip12/7UR4.0 × 20YesPS
259L Carotid, supraclinoid7/5UR4.5 × 20NoRF7RFPrev emb w/o stent failed
361L Carotid, ophthalmic6/5UR4.5 × 20NoCReopro infusion for thrombus
429L Carotid, pCom10/8UR4.0 × 20NoPS8C
562R Carotid, ophthalmic5/5UR4.0 × 20NoRFReopro infusion for thrombus
Right Groin Hematoma
Re-treatmentYesPS14CBalloon protection
652R Carotid, cavernous8/6UR, Rec4.0 × 20NoC9CPrevious attempt with balloon expandable stent failed
Stenting failed at 1st attempt
747R Carotid, sup. Hypo5/5UR4.0 × 20YesRF7CReopro infusion for thrombus
839R Carotid, sup. Hypo4/4UR4.0 × 20Extravasation due to guide wire injury to a distal branch
2nd attemptNoFailedCoil protrusion
944L Carotid, ophthalmic18/7UR4.0 × 20NoPS2PSStenting failed at 1st attempt
Loss of vision on left eye
1067Basilar tip12/6R, Rec4.0 × 20NoPS3PS
R. Vertebral, PICA11/8UR4.5 × 20NoFailedProtrusion of coils into PICA
Aneurysm ruptured
1160L Carotid, ophthalmic4/5UR4.5 × 20YesFailedRight hemiplegia & aphasia
R Carotid, ophthalmic4/4UR4.5 × 20N/A
1267R Carotid, pCom.4/3UR4.5 × 20NoRF
1358R Carotid, cavernous12/7UR4.5 × 20YesPS6RF
1472R Carotid, supraclinoid11/8UR4.5 × 20YesPSPutaminal hemorrhage nine days after embolization
1567R Carotid, ophthalmic16/6*UR4.0 × 20YesPS2RF
1653L Carotid, ophthalmic12/8UR4.5 × 20YesRF
4.0 × 15
1759L Carotid, supraclinoid7/6URNoFailedSevere contrast reaction
1882R Carotid, pCom.6/5R4.0 × 20NoPS
1958L Carotid, petrous6/4UR, Rec4.5 × 20NoPS7RF
2046L Carotid, ophthalmic9/6UR4.5 × 20YesPSReopro infusion for thrombus
2171R Carotid, supraclinoid8/7UR4.5 × 20YesRFStenting failed at 1st attempt
R Carotid, pCom.8/7URYesRF
2268L Carotid, ophthalmic10/8UR4.0 × 20NoPS
2378R Carotid, ophthalmic5/4UR4.5 × 20NoPS6C
2459L Carotid, supraclinoid10/5UR4.5 × 20NoC3C
2546R Posterior cerebral19/19UR4.0 × 20NoCParent artery occlusion resulted occipital stroke
2659L Carotid, ophthalmic7/6UR4.5 × 20YesPS
2736L Posterior cerebral6/6R4.0 × 20NoPS
2870Basilar tip10/10R, Rec4.0 × 20NoPSCross-stenting, late mortal posterior circulation stroke
4.0 × 20No
2954L Carotid, cavernous7/7UR, Rec4.0 × 20NoRFReopro infusion for thrombus
3066Basilar tip20/12UR4.0 × 20NoRF
3162R Carotid, ophthalmic6/4UR4.5 × 20NoCReopro infusion for thrombus
Occular TIA 2 weeks after
3273R Carotid, ophthalmic12/7UR4.5 × 20NoRF
  • Note.—

  • a L, left; R, right; pCom, posterior communicating artery; sup. Hypo, superior hypophyseal; PICA, Posterior inferior cerebellar artery; UR, unruptured; R, ruptured; Rec, Recurrent; C, Complete occlusion; PS, Partial but satisfactory occlusion (>90%); RF, Residual filling (<90%); F/U, follow-up; w/o, without.