Complications of embolization with Onyx in 6 of 44 patients

Sex/Age (y)AVM Location and SizeEstimated Size Reduction (%)ComplicationAdditional TherapyOutcome, GOS
M/31Right temporal, 3.5 cm95Hemorrhage 3 d after embolizationAcute surgical removal of hematoma and AVMNo deficit at 3 mo, GOS 5
M/44Left temporal 3.5 cm80Partial occlusion M2 by refluxRadiosurgeryTransient dysphasia, GOS 5
M/51Right frontoparietal, 4.5 cm50Hemorrhage during embolizationDeath, GOS 1
M/60Left parietal, 5 cm90Reflux in distal ACA branchRadiosurgeryTransient paresis right leg, GOS 5
M/27Right parieto-occipital, 4 cm90Hemorrhage 3 h after embolizationAcute surgical removal of hematoma and AVMQuadrantanopsia, GOS 4
F/44Right partietal, 7 cm40Reflux in distal ACA branchRefusedDistal paresis left leg, GOS 4
  • AVM indicates arteriovenous malformation; ACA, anterior cerebral artery; GOS = Glasgow Outcome Score; M2, second segment of middle cerebral artery.