Table 2:

Validity statistics for the paired permutations of near occlusion single-variable test models (in order of decreasing accuracy)

dlCA + dlCA:dlCA* (n = 235)91.996.081.098.4
dlCA:dlCA* + dlCA:ECA (n = 234)89.295.478.697.9
dlCA + dlCA:ECA (n = 239)88.195.480.497.4
ICA + dlCA (n = 231)87.896.885.797.4
ICA + dlCA:dlCA* (n = 225)86.896.382.597.3
ICA + dICA:ECA (n = 229)82.996.885.096.3
  • Note:—dlCA:dlCA*, ratio of the distal internal carotid artery (ICA) diameter to that of the contralateral distal ICA; dlCA, diameter of the distal ICA; dlCA:ECA, ratio of the distal ICA diameter to the distal external carotid artery diameter; ICA, narrowest diameter of the ICA bulb stenosis. All diameters are expressed in millimeters. PPV indicates positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value. Values were obtained from contingency tables created to evaluate paired permutations of the single-variable test models. Positive and negative predictive values were calculated for all data. Population size (n) is reported for each permutation.