Table 5:

Odds ratios for different patient and aneurysm characteristics for the occurrence of procedural ruptures leading to disability or death in 681 patients

VariableOdds Ratio95% Confidence Interval
Timing after SAH
    ≤3 d1.150.29–4.64
    Between 4 and 11 d0
    ≥11 d4.341.07–17.60
Aneurysm location
    Posterior circulation4.671.10–19.74
    Anterior cerebral artery0.210.03–1.74
    Middle cerebral artery1.860.22–15.43
    Carotid artery0.400.05–3.28
Supportive balloon4.440.87–22.60
Clinical condition at the time of treatment
    HH I–II0.560.14–2.25
    HH III1.790.44–7.23
    HH IV–V1.520.30–7.62
Aneurysm size (mm)
  • Note:—SAH indicates subarachnoid hemorrhage; HH, Hunt and Hess scale.