Table 2:

Apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values at 6 years 5 months and 6 years 11 months of age

2nd MR Imaging3rd MR ImagingNormative
Frontal0.7800.9301.02 ± 0.07
Parietal0.8300.9601.01 ± 0.06
Occipital0.8850.8801.01 ± 0.14
Internal capsule0.5900.7500.77 ± 0.04
Putamen0.4200.6500.82 ± 0.08
  • Note:—ADC values are ×10−3 mm2/s. Initial diffusion tensor imaging revealed a significant reduction of the ADC values within the frontal white matter, internal capsule, and putamen, as well as a mild reduction within the parietal white matter. On follow-up, the ADC values recovered were within normal limits. Normative age-matched regional values were derived from Schneider et al.12