Table 4:

Analysis of refractures within 1 year

Percentage of Patients Having a Second Treatment Session Within 1 y of Initial ProcedurePercentage of Refractured Patients Having a Third Treatment Session Within 1 y of Initial ProcedureAverage Available Cement Volumes for Patients Refracuring Within 1 y of Initial Procedure (cc)Average Time Between Treatment Sessions for Refracturing Patients Within 1 y of Initial Procedures
No. of Patients Having Initial ProcedureNo. Refractured (2nd Procedure)% RefracturingNo. Refractured (2nd Procedure)No. Refractured (3rd Procedure)% of Refractured Patients Having 3rd ProcedureΔt Between 1st and 2nd procedure wkΔt Between 2nd and 3rd procedure wk
Primary osteoporosis3507220.6722331.9%5.18 ± 2.5811.312
Steroid-induced osteoporosis371437.814642.9%5.97 ± 3.027.9310.8
Relative risk1.841.34
P value.0163.3094
  • * Chi-squared analysis.

  • Fisher exact test.