Table 2:

MR imaging features of intracranial CAPNON*

Pt No.Age/SexPresentationLocationSize (cm)T1WIT2WIEnhancement
116/MIncidentalTemporal horn, extra-axial3.5HypoHypoInternal linear C+
235/MSeizuresTemporal, intra-axial2HypoHypoInternal linear C+
349/FSeizuresHippocampus, intra-axial1HypoHypoNo C+
459/MLeft arm numbnessParietal, intra-axial1HypoHypoRim C+
Shrier et al32/FIncidentalTemporal, intra-axial0.8HypoHypoRim C+
Shrier et al59/MNeck painForamen magnum, extra-axial2HypoHypoHeterogenous solid
  • Note:—Hypo, indicates hypointense; C+, enhancement. All lesions showed dense calcification on CT; T1WI, T1-weighted imaging; T2WI, T2-weighted imaging.

  • * This table includes our 4 patients and 2 additional patients reported in the literature.