Table 1:

Patient data of cases with postprocedural CT hyperdensities

Sex/AgeTreated AneurysmStent AssistPerioperative AntiplateletsLocation of EnhancementHU PostprocedureHU 4–6 HoursHU 20–25 HoursClinical Change
F/42Unruptured 6 mm left superior hypophysealNoAspirin*Caudate4841N/ANone
M/43Unruptured 6 mm AcomANoAspirin clopidogrelCaudate/Gyral46/6043/41resolvedNone
M/62Unruptured 8 mm AcomANoAspirin abciximab§Caudate/Gyral50/6740/45resolvedNone
F/65Unruptured 5 mm left MCANoAspirin clopidogrel abciximabGyral5947resolvedNone
F/80SAH, 5 mm basilar tipYesAspirin clopidogrel abciximab§Gyral535239None
F/61Unruptured 22 mm left supraclinoid ICAYesAspirin* clopidogrel*Gyral4744resolvedNone
F/68Unruptured 7 mm AcomANoAspirinGyral4642resolvedNone
  • Note:—F indicates female; M, male; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage; N/A, not available; AcomA, anterior communicating artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; ICA, internal carotid artery; HU, Hounsfield units.

  • * Premedication ≥5 days.

  • Started day of procedure.

  • Intra-arterial intraoperative.

  • § Intravenous intraoperative and immediately postoperative.