Characteristics of 15 patients with 16 aneurysms treated with stent assistance

Patient No.Sex, Age (year)Aneurysm LocationTreatment IndicationAneurysm SizeDome-to-Neck Ratio of Aneurysm or Recurrence
1M, 66Basilar tipRecurrence200:4
2M, 60Basilar tipRecurrence71:5
3M, 49Basilar tipRecurrence160:8
4F, 58Superior cerebellar arterySAH121:2
F, 58ICAAdditional111:0
5F, 66Middle cerebral arteryUnruptured101:2
6F, 52Ophthalmic arteryRecurrence161:4
7M, 65Basilar tipRecurrence130:7
8F, 39Ophthalmic arteryAdditional80:8
9F, 60Cavernous sinusRecurrence301:3
10F, 50Basilar tipRecurrence100:7
11F, 49AcomAUnruptured91:1
12F, 46PICAAdditional121:0
13M, 51Extracranial ICADissection71:0
14F, 36Basilar tipRecurrence161:0
15F, 56Basilar tipRecurrence140:8
  • Note:—SAH indicates subarachnoid hemorrhage; AcomA, anterior communicating artery; PICA, posterior inferior cerebellar artery; ICA, internal carotid artery.