Table 2:

Review of previous studies on stent angioplasty of stenotic lesions of the vertebral artery ostium

AuthorNo. PatientsNo. Treated StenosesRate of Complication (%)Follow-UpMorbidity/Mortality Related to the Treated Stenosis in the Follow-Up Period (%)
TechnicalClinicalPeriod (months)No. StenosesRate of Significant Restenosis (%)Rate of Stent Occlusion (%)
Bare metal stents
    Chastain et al55055206491004/0
    Albuquerque et al733333016304300/0
    Lin et al2258670711322513/0
    Weber et al1038385211263602/0
    SSYLVIA Study1166*66670*
    Cloud et al231414002011900/0
    Lin et al24809000124021 (short stenoses)29 (medium length) 50 (long stenoses)00/0
    Akins et al1277003674310/0
    Taylor et al254448007484800/0
Drug-eluting stents
    Lin et al131111004 and 82000/0
    Lugmayr et al1478006863028/0
    Gupta et al15272702427700/0
    Akins et al125500175000/0
    Edgell et al165500155001/0
    Our data4852007521200/0
  • Note:—SSYLVIA indicates Stenting of Symptomatic Atherosclerotic Lesions in the Vertebral or Intracranial Arteries.

  • * The exact location of the treated stenoses responsible for the clinical complications is not given specifically in the article.