Table 1:

Clinical information

Patient No.Age (yr)/SexSize (mm)LocationTreatmentOutcome
162/F26Left ICA superior-hypophyseal1 PED-associated with 50% stenosis treated with PTARuptured at day 4
254/F25Right ICA ophthalmic1 PEDRuptured intraprocedurally
360/F38Right ICA ophthalmic2 PED-restricted PAs opened with stentingRuptured at day 7
459/F3.1Left ICA ophthalmic1 PEDComplete occlusion at 6 mo
539/F4.6Right ICA superior-hypophyseal1 PEDComplete occlusion at 6 mo
658/M9.7Left ICA cavernous2 PEDsComplete occlusion at 12 mo
758/F26Right ICA ophthalmic2 PEDsComplete occlusion at 6 mo