Relevant clinical and radiologic characteristics for 22 patients

No.Time to Arterial Puncture (h)Target Vessel LocationBaseline NIHSSTICIPuncture to Recanalization Time (min)Intravenous rtPA (mg/kg)aHemorrhagic Event According to ECASS Classifications5mRS at 90 Days
23Lt M12402b300.6None2
33Rt M11902b150.6None1
44BA2402a800.6Asymptomatic HI-25
54.5Rt M11602b400.6None3
65.5Rt ICA1602a500.9Asymptomatic HI-12
76Rt. M11402b30None0
82.5Rt. M11503400.6None5
92.5Lt ICA2103250.6None6
106Rt ICA1602a600.9None3
115.5Rt ICA160340None3
124BA2902a60Asymptomatic HI-25
135.5Lt M12302b500.9None6
144Lt M11103600.6None4
158BA2502b50Symptomatic PH-26
167Lt M12003150.6Symptomatic PH-13
176Rt M1100320None0
186Lt M11202b100.6None0
195.5Rt M11102b30None0
207Lt M11802b50Asymptomatic HI-23
219Lt M11403300.6Asymptomatic HI-12
223Lt M12003150.9None2
  • a – indicates dosage of rtPA.