Flow characteristics in the parent artery before and after GDC placement in the aneurysm

CharacteristicUntreatedComplete Coil PlacementP Value
Change in temperature (°C)11.27 (9.53–11.93)7.01 (4.31–8.66)>.05
Time to change in temperature (s)1.65 (0.99–2.47)2.12 (1.08–5.07)>.05
Time shift ε (s)0.27 (0.12–0.39)0.10 (0.02–0.48)>.05
Dilution interval (s)6.64 (5.12–7.20)7.78 (3.85–12.72)>.05
  • Note.—Data are medians. Data in parentheses are ranges.

  • * P values were determined with the Wilcoxon signed rank test (two sided).