Comparison of the incidence of high-intensity CSF artifacts at the basal cisterns between groups

Comparison of Parameters Changed*Parameters Maintained*Z ValueP ValueSignificant Difference
+I sat vs −I sat+FC/+TRF/20.148.882No
+I sat vs −I sat−FC/−TRF/21.109.268No
2 vs 3−FC/−TRF/+I sat2.581.010Yes
+FC vs −FC+TRF/2/+I sat−0.114.909No
+FC vs −FC−TRF/2/−I sat0.420.675No
+TRF vs −TRF+FC/2/−I sat3.187.001Yes
+TRF vs −TRF−FC/2/+I sat2.168.030Yes
+FC/+TRF vs −FC/−TRF2/+I sat2.351.019Yes
+FC/+TRF vs −FC/−TRF2/−I sat3.530<.001Yes
+FC/+TRF/2/−I sat vs −FC/−TRF/3/+I satNone0.148.882No
  • * +FC indicates with FC along section direction; −FC, without FC; +I sat, with inferior inflow saturation; −I sat, without inferior inflow saturation; +TRF, with TRF pulses; −TRF, without TRF pulses; and 2 or 3, the interleaving acquisition factor.