Patient characteristics at discharge

CharacteristicInitial Cases*(n=45)Later Cases*(n=49)P Value
Complications11 (24)5 (10)0.07
Multiple embolization sessions§20 (59)8 (30)0.03
Length of stay (d)
 Intensive care21.50.14
Hospital charges ($)
 Minus initial hospitalization26,40126,8740.3
 Minus follow-up care5,7905,3480.27
  • * Data are means or numbers of patients; data in parentheses are percentages.

  • A complications was defined as an adverse event that was clearly a result of the procedure and that led to prolonged hospitalization or a change in the Rankin scale score of 1 or more points at discharge.

  • This P value was determined with the Pearson χ2 test. All other P values were determined by using Wilcoxon rank-sum tests.

  • § Additional coil embolization was needed for the treatment of an aneurysm during follow-up.