Clinical Presentation and Stroke Risk Factors

Patient no.Age (y)/SexStroke Risk FactorsClinical PresentationSymptom Duration (hrs)
182/FHTN, HLD, CADNonfluent aphasia and mild right hemiparesis0.5
232/FIDDMFluent aphasia, left gaze preference and right hemiparesis4
391/FCHF, CADFluent aphasia10
439/FSmokingFace, arm, leg numbness; no weakness. No sensory inattention0.25
578/FHTN, DMNonfluent aphasia3
681/FAF*vertigo and gait ataxia2
776/MCADIsolated right hand and arm weakness, no aphasia0.75
868/FHTNLeft arm and hand weakness,6
sensory neglect
977/MHTN, AF*Left facial weakness, left hand clumsiness, dysarthria and left dysdiadochokinesia0.5
1054/MSmoking, HTNComplete speech arrest and mild right pronator drift0.5
1176/MHTNComplete speech arrest0.17
1281/MCAD, HTNDysarthria, left facial and left hemiparesis0.42
  • Note. AF indicates atrial fibrillation, CAD, coronary artery disease, CHF, congestive heart failure; DM, diabetes mellitus; HLD, hyperlipidaemia, HTN, hypertension; IDDM, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

  • * Not receiving anticoagulation therapy.