Classification of Neuroradiologic Abnormalities

Classification and AbnormalityNumber
No referral required
 Chronic sinusitis21
 Arachnoid cyst2
 Frontal venous angioma2
 Mega cisterna magna2
 Ventricular asymmetry1
 Chronic sinusitis with pineal cyst1
Routine referral required6
 Acute sinusitis5
 Focal white matter lesion of uncertain etiology3
 Tonsillar ectopia1
 Hypoplasia pons1
 Petrous apex lesion1
 Acute sinusitis with arachnoid cyst
Urgent referral required, cerebellar tonsil lesion uncertain etiology1
  • Note.—Abnormalities were detected on 225 conventional research brain MR images in a cohort of neurologically healthy children.