Distribution of Abnormalities by Subject Age at MR Imaging Examination

Classification and AbnormalityNo. of Subjects by Age (y)
No referral required
 Chronic sinusitis010000133241420000
 Arachnoid cyst000000000100001000
 Frontal venous angioma000000000002000000
 Mega cisterna magna000000000100001000
 Ventricular asymmetry100000000000000000
 Chronic sinusitis with pineal cyst000000000001000000
Routine referral required
 Acute sinusitis000000120010011000
 Focal white matter lesion of uncertain etiology000000000100002110
 Tonsillar ectopia000000011000001000
 Hypoplasia pons100000000000000000
 Petrous apex lesion000000000000000010
 Acute sinusitis with arachnoid cyst000000001000000000
Urgent referral required, cerebellar tonsil lesion uncertain etiology000000001000000000