Previous case reports with MR imaging of CAA and CAA/ACNS

SeriesPathologyContrast EnhancementLocationAgeSexAntecedent Event
Vandermissen et al (3)CAANoSupratentorial, abuts ependyma46 recurred @ 59MICH
Osumi et al (4)CAANoSupratentorial, abuts ependyma56 recurred @ 59FSeizure
Ortiz and Reed (5)CAANoSupratentorial, abuts ependyma68F
SafrielCAANoSupratentorial, abuts ependyma71F‘Stroke’
SafrielCAA/ACNSNoSupratentorial, abuts ependyma48M
Tamargo et al (6)CAA/ACNSSlightMultiple supratentorial, abuts ependyma80F
Polivka et al (7)CAA/ACNSNoSupratentorial, abuts dura60M
Polivka et al (7)CAA/ACNSNoSupratentorial, abuts dura74F
Fountain and Eberhard (8)CAA/ACNSNoMultiple supratentorial, abuts ependyma66MICH
  • Note.—Caa, cerebral amyloid angiopathy; ACNS, angitis of the central nervous system; ICH, intracranial hemorrhage.