Results of hypothalamus hamartoma spectroscopy compared with the literature

Author/YearHamartoma TypeReference StructureNAA/Cho RatioNAA/Cr RatioCho/Cr RatioMyo-inositol Concentration
Present reportHypothalamic hamartomaThalamus**⇓(n.s.)***
Pascual et al. 2000 (Pascual et al [4])Hypothalamic hamartoma (seizures; one case)Temporal lobe⇓(n.i.)⇑(n.i.)⇓(n.i.)...
Tasch et al. 1998 (Tasch et al [5])Hypothalamic hamartoma (seizures; five cases)Temporal lobe and hypothalamus⇓(n.i.)**=...
  • Note.—The arrows indicate higher (⇑), lower (⇓), or similar (=) values compared to the reference spectra. n.s., not significant n.i., significance level not indicated in the literature

  • * P < .02.

  • ** P < 0.001.