Relationship between MR appearance of hippocampi and ADC values

Patient No./Age (y)/SexMR AppearanceADC Value
1/33/FAbnormal LNormal
2/19/MNormal bi↑ LA, LB
3/5/MAbnormal biNormal
4/26/FAbnormal biNormal
5/30/FAbnormal R↑ RA, RB
6/26/MAbnormal L↑ RB
7/3/MNormal biNormal
8/13/FAbnormal L↑ LA, LB, RB, RC
9/19/FNormal bi↑ RB
10/5/FNormal bi↓ RB
11/9/MNormal bi↑ LD
12/20/Abnormal RNormal
13/29/MAbnormal bi↑ RA
14/9/FNormal biNormal
15/11/Abnormal L↑ LA, LB, RB, RC
16/7/MAbnormal bi↑ RB
17/9/FNormal bi↓ RB
18/43/MAbnormal R↑ RA
19/33/MAbnormal LNormal
20/26/Abnormal biNormal
21/35/FAbnormal biNormal
22/42/MAbnormal bi↓ LC
23/42/MAbnormal bi↑ LA, LB, LC, LD
  • L indicates left; R, right; bi, bilateral; A, head of the hippocampus; B and C, body of the hippocampus; D, tail of the hippocampus; ↑, increased; ↓, decreased.