rCBV, Cho/Cr ratio, and Cho/NAA ratio together for differentiation between low- and high-grade glioma

DescriptionSensitivitySpecificityPPVNPVC2 ErrorC1 Error
Minimum C2 Error*93.360.087.575.015.023.3
Minimum C1 Error70.892.596.651.423.718.3
Same sensitivity as cMRI72.587.594.651.523.820.0
Same specificity as cMRI89.265.088.466.716.922.9
  • Note.—Conventional MR imaging (cMRI) sensitivity 72.5%, specificity 65.0%, PPV 86.1%, NPV 44.1%, C2 error 29.4%, and C1 error 31.8%.

  • * C2 = the percentage of observed data points misclassified.

  • C1 = 1 − (sensitivity + specificity)/2. This maximizes the average of sensitivity and specificity.