Tumor site and subsite, stage, and evidence of dermal lymphatic invasion

Case #Tumor SiteTumor SubsiteT StageN StageM StageOverall StageDermal Lymphatic Invasion
1NC/PSLateral nasal wallT4N2CM04No
2NC/PSMaxillary sinusT4N0M04No
3NC/PSMaxillary sinusT4N0M04No
4NC/PSEthmoid sinusT4N0M04No
5CUTCheek and templeT4N0M03No
8CUTPreauricular regionT4N1M03Yes
9OCFloor of mouthT4N2AM04No
10OCAlveolar ridgeT4N0M03No
11OCAlveolar ridgeT4N0M04No
12OCLower lipT4N2CM04No
  • Note:—N indicates nasal cavity; PS, paranasal sinus; CUT, cutaneous; OC, oral cavity.