Patient, aneurysm, and treatment summary characteristics

PatientSex/ Age (yr)WFNS Grade at Time of PEDDays after SAH at Time of PED PlacementAneurysm SiteTypeSac Size (mm)Previous TreatmentNo. of PEDsAdditional Coils at Time of PEDClopidogrel/Aspirin (mg) LoadingmRSaAneurysm Occluded (at 6 mo)
1M/48124Basilar trunkB2Nil2No600/3000Yes
2F/5622Superior hypophysealS21Nil3No600/3006Died
3M/6414Basilar tip/P1S12Nil1Yes600/3000Yes
4F/49121Superior hypophysealS10Nil1Yes300/3000Yes
5F/52211P1/P2B12Coils and stent (day 2)1Yes300/3002Filling
7M/5621Basilar trunkF21Nil2YesLong-term daily 75/1001Yes
8F/50116PcomAF12Nil2No75/150 5-Day loading0Yes
9F/3751Dorsal paraclinoid ICAF34Nil2No300/3006Died
10F/6448bDorsal paraclinoid ICAB2Coils and stent (day 1)1Yes75/150 7 Days4Yes
11F/41121P1/P2B6Coils (day 1)1No75/150 5-Day loading0Yes
  • Note:—B indicates blister; F, fusiform; S, saccular.

  • a mRS at 1 month posttreatment.

  • b Bleed day 1 and second bleed on day 8.