Table 2:

Modified 4D CT protocol in our current patienta

CTDIvol (mGy)DLP (
% Reduction from standard protocol21.618.4
  • Note:—CTDIvol indicates CT dose index volume; DLP, dose-length product; DE, dual-energy.

  • a These measurements obtained during our modified 4D CT scan on the current patient were compared with values obtained during standard 4D CT (including the precontrast scan) of another weight- and sex-matched patient. Both CTDIvol and DLP measurements were recorded during modified 4D CT (excluding the precontrast scan) for the current patient (61.6-kg female patient) illustrated in this case presentation. They showed an estimated 20% reduction in the radiation exposure.

  • b The venous phase scan was acquired using dual-energy CT (DE-venous) to obtain the VNC image.