Works previously stored in DNAa

Year of ExperimentUsage DescriptionSpecific Contents
1988ArtMicrovenus imageb
1998TextText from the Bible, Genesis
2001TextParts from a book by Dickens
2003TextParts from “It's a Small World,” the main song of a musical boat ride from Walt Disneyc
2005Text“Tomten” a poem by Viktor Rydbergd
2010WatermarkWatermark of a synthetic genomee
  • a Adapted from Church et al.4

  • b Image of the external female genitalia representing female Earth.

  • c Encrypted into Deinococcus Radiodurans, a bacterium extremely resistant to inhospitable environments. Information resistant to the effects of a nuclear holocaust could be saved in similar cells.

  • d A true example of “living poetry.” For other similar projects, I suggest that you Google “Project Xenotext.”

  • e Watermarking a cell designed to contain information may help us keep track of it.