Table 7:

Angiographic outcomes 1 year after the procedure

All Unruptured AneurysmsWide-Neck Aneurysms
Stent-Coil (n = 114)Coil Alone (n = 180)P ValueStent-Coil (n = 70)Coil Alone (n = 59)P Value
Occlusion assessment
    Raymond 151.8%44.4%.2245.7%27.1%.03
    Raymond 221.1%23.9%.5717.1%30.5%.07
    Raymond 327.2%31.7%.4137.1%42.4%.55
Change assessment
  • Note:—81% of subjects in the “all unruptured aneurysms” group and 82% of subjects in the “wide-neck aneurysms” subgroup had angiograms assessable by the core lab at 1-year follow-up.