Table 1:

Studies included in meta-analysis

Author (year)Study DesignNo. of Patients with AcomA AneurysmsAcomA Aneurysms TreatedPatients with Ruptured AcomA AneurysmsPatients with Unruptured AcomA Aneurysms
Birknes et al (2006)Retrospective12312311310
Cherian et al (2001)Prospective1031031030
Choi et al (2011)Retrospective4545450
Elias et al (2003)Prospective3030300
Finitsis et al (2010)Prospective28028123942
Guglielmi et al (2009)Retrospective30630623670
Huang et al (2011)Retrospective2020200
Johnson et al (2012)Retrospective6464
Leclerc et al (2002)Prospective2020200
Moret et al (1996)Prospective3636306
Proust et al (2003)Prospective3737361
Raslan et al (2011)Retrospective4444431
Schuette et al (2011)Retrospective34734727770
Songsaeng et al (2010)Retrospective9696789
  • Note:—Studies are from References 10–13 and 15–24. AcomA indicates anterior communicating artery.