Table 2:

Age-specific prevalence estimates of degenerative spine imaging findings in asymptomatic patientsa

Imaging FindingAge (yr)
Disk degeneration37%52%68%80%88%93%96%
Disk signal loss17%33%54%73%86%94%97%
Disk height loss24%34%45%56%67%76%84%
Disk bulge30%40%50%60%69%77%84%
Disk protrusion29%31%33%36%38%40%43%
Annular fissure19%20%22%23%25%27%29%
Facet degeneration4%9%18%32%50%69%83%
  • a Prevalence rates estimated with a generalized linear mixed-effects model for the age-specific prevalence estimate (binomial outcome) clustering on study and adjusting for the midpoint of each reported age interval of the study.