Table 2:

Nonfatal complications during hospitalization

Patient No.AN LocationType of EventSAH RelatedOutcome (mRS Score)
1AcomAVasospasmYes0 at discharge
2MCAVasospasm on day 14Yes2 at 6 mo
3MCAVasospasm on day 7Yes0 at discharge
4BAVasospasmYes4 at 12 mo
5AcomAInfarct on MRIYes2 at 6 moa
6MCAStroke on MRINo0 at discharge
7BAVentriculitisYes4 at discharge
8AcomARehemorrhage; additional treatment with coilsNo0 at 6 mo
9BANew infarct on day 3 with vasospasm and stenosis visibleYes0 at 8 mo
10MCAStroke on MRINo3 at discharge
11rMCA, lMCA, Dissect VertBrain stem edema on day 23No0 at 3 wk
  • Note:—AcomA indicates anterior communicating artery; AN, aneurysm; BA, basilar artery; Dissect Vert, dissecting vertebral; lMCA, left MCA; rMCA, right MCA.

  • a Clinical status restored to pre-SAH value in a patient with multiple sclerosis.