Table 1:

Periprocedural events

Patient No.AN LocationComplicationDevice RelatedOutcome (mRS Score)Clinical Consequence
1MCATEYes0 at 8 moNone
2MCATEYes3 (same as before SAH)None
3PcomATEYes0 at 3 moNone
4BATENo4 at dischargeaNone
5MCATENo3 at 2 moYes
AcomAAN perforationNoYes
6Pericallosal arteryAN perforationYes0 at 1 wkNone
7MCAAN perforationNo6 from initial SAHUnknownb
8AcomAInduced spasmUnknown6 from initial SAHUnknownb
9MCAInduced spasmUnknownUnknownUnknown
10PcomAInfarctionNo2 at 6 moTransient
11AcomAWEB protrusionYes0 at 6 moNone
12BAWEB protrusionYes0 at 8 moNone
13MCAWEB protrusionYes0 at 3 moNone
14AcomAWEB protrusionYes0 at 25 moNone
15rMCA, lMCA, Dissect VertrMCA branch partial occlusionYes0 at 3 wkNone
  • Note:—AcomA indicates anterior communicating artery; AN, aneurysm; BA, basilar artery; Dissect Vert, dissecting vertebral; lMCA, left MCA; PcomA, posterior communicating artery; rMCA, right MCA; TE, thromboembolic event.

  • a Clinical outcome related to ventriculitis.

  • b Death during hospitalization secondary to the SAH, not during the procedure.