Demographic, transplant, and Loes characteristics in higher risk patients with cALD (Loes ≥10) analyzed for neurologic function change by pretransplantation gadolinium intensity score

GIS 0/1 (n = 7)GIS 2/3 (n = 18)Difference (95% CI)
Age at HSCT (yr)
    Mean10.19.01.2 (−1.9–4.2)
Pre-HSCT Loes
    Mean12.614.0−1.5 (−3.3–0.4)
Donor chimerism (%)a
    Mean98.797.11.6 (−2.1–5.3)
  • Note:—IQR indicates interquartile range.

  • a Donor chimerism reflects the percentage of donor hematopoietic engraftment at the most recent follow-up.