Summary of cases of spinal epidural arteriovenous fistula and neural tube defects

Case No.Age (yr), SexFistula LocationPresentationLength of Clinical FU (mo)Long-Term OutcomePrior Surgery (Type of Surgery)Associated NTD
Sensory SymptomsBladder DysfunctionBowel/Sexual DysfunctionMotor Symptoms
146, MSYYNN2UnchangedNTC + IL
244, FL4YNNY3WorsenedY (MMC repair)MMC
365, FSYYYY4ImprovedY (laminectomy)TC + DS
464, MSYYYY3ImprovedNTC + IL
664, FSYNNY6ImprovedY (laminectomy)TC
  • Note:—N indicates no; Y, yes; NA, not applicable/not defined; NTD, neural tube defect; TC, tethered cord; IL, intrathecal lipoma; MMC, myelomeningocele; DS, diastematomyelia; FU, follow-up; S, sacrum.