Differences in SOV caliber before and after intubation

Cohort (No.)SOVMean (SD)Mean Difference (99% CI)P Value
Intraoperative (45)Right3.56 (1.51)1.82 (0.66)1.74 (1.31–2.17)<.001a
Left2.91 (1.41)1.53 (0.54)1.36 (0.95–1.79)<.001
Trauma (70)Right2.88 (1.48)1.86 (1.16)1.02 (0.74–1.30)<.001
Left2.68 (1.59)1.78 (1.11)0.90 (0.5–1.21)<.001
Control (30)Right1.88 (0.51)≤.001b
Left1.83 (0.49)<.001
  • a Bonferroni-corrected Wilcoxon paired signed rank tests between intubated and extubated states.

  • b Three-way Kruskal-Wallis test between controls and intubated cohorts. Post hoc pair-wise comparisons between controls and the experimental groups were also statistically significant (P < .001). Comparisons with extubated patients were not statistically significant.