Table 1:

Participant demographics

Consented (n =12)
 Age (median) (range) (yr)14 (8–17)
 Males (No.) (%)10 (83)
Treatment (No. of patients)
 Completed protocol therapy6
 Eligible, withdrawna6
Completed 13C injection (n = 6)
 Age (median) (range) (yr)14 (10–17)
 Males (No.) (%)5 (83)
Diagnosis (anatomic location) (No.) (%)
 Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (pons)3 (50)
 Craniopharyngioma (suprasellar)1 (17)
 Medulloblastoma (posterior fossa)1 (17)
 Pineoblastoma (pineal gland)1 (17)
Dose level (No. of patients)
 Dose level 13
 Dose level 23
Safety (No. of events)
 Dose level toxicity0
 Adverse events0
  • a Withdrawn due to the following: technical issue with MR imaging scanner (n =1) or generating HP [1-13C]pyruvate (n =3); change in participant choice to participate (n =1); or disease progression before participation and participant did not return to University of California, San Francisco for follow-up treatment (n =1).